Keto Factor X

(9 customer reviews)

Provides Sustained Energy and Focus for Muscle and Brain During Low-Carbohydrate Dieting
Lactotripeptides to Promote Healthy Blood Flow
Electrolytes to Promote Better Hydration
Essential Amino Acids to Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis
Ketone Salts to Promote and Support Ketogenic Dieting
Full Transparency – No Proprietary Blend




9 reviews for Keto Factor X

  1. Roque

    Keto factor X gave me the energy I needed for my peaking blocks to be prepared for this power lifting meet!!!

  2. Ralph

    Go-to intra. Fuels the engine!

  3. Jason

    Absolutely best product

  4. Matt

    Perfect supplement
    The best intra workout supplement on the market. Perfect for my low carb goals.

  5. Jim

    Attributes: 1. Renders good support for sustained energy during workouts. 2. The taste of the product is in need of improvement .

  6. Juan

    Been using Keto factor for 2 weeks now and it’s been showing great results. It’s a great product for me because I like to stay in Keto year round but with a product like this one it allows me to find great pumps in the gym

  7. Douglas

    Best Keto salts on the market!
    Keto Factor has changed my supplement and diet selection, with the ability to induce ketosis without totally eliminating carbs. I could write a book on the positive benefits I’ve have experienced. I consider this my primary diet supplement!

  8. Amir

    great taste and mixes perfect. awesome intra workout for me while training in a low-calorie, low-carb state. synergizes perfectly with arc reactor.

  9. Jeanne Andrewski

    Metabolic support to initiate and sustain Ketogenic Diets. Worked with other Keto supplements without the same energy release or fat loss. Price is competitive, and much lower than the Multi-level product.

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