Adamantium Aminos

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This product was designed specifically for our athletes who want to perform better in the gym, increase their power and endurance, while promote protein synthesis for recovery and growth…..all in one product!

With Adamantium’s unique blend of Essential Aminos and Peak O2 Blend, you will have a EAA formula with a performance component.

The EAA 3:1:1 ratio is scientifically dosed to help you meet the needs of the most rigorous workouts and support protein synthesis. But what really makes Adamantium shine is the Peak O2 Blend.

Peak O2 is proven to improve power and endurance. Peak O2 is an organic combination of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested right here in the U.S. These mushrooms are powerful adaptogens, which allow athletes to “adapt” to, and overcome, physical and mental stress. Peak O2 has been proven to increase your performance.

So, in just 14 days, you can increase:

  • Workout Duration
  • Maximum Power Output (up to 17.6% over baseline)
  • Peak Strength
  • Anaerobic Peak Power
  • Oxygen Utilization
  • Ability to Uptake Oxygen
  • Exercise Capacity

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8 reviews for Adamantium Aminos

  1. Andy

    Great for Endurance Intra workout
    Flavor is amazing. I’ve been taking Adamantium Aminos for the past 2.5 weeks and I’m noticing a huge difference in recovery during my jiujitsu training sessions. Great product and exceptionally priced for what you’re getting. Will continue purchasing. A knockout product.

  2. Devin

    Adamantium Aminos
    Not even trying to sound like your typical customer type review here, but I’ve been using these now for going on 3weeks, 1scoop on the way to the gym and 1scoop while I train, and honestly my workouts have been nothing but solid each day, with all the whoha that the supplement industry pumps out there it’s nice to of finally found a real company with real integrity.

  3. Douglas

    Too soon to tell
    Started on the Aminos this week, just on the strength of the other Granite supplement’s results!

  4. Derek

    Best Amino Formula Ever!,Wow
    Love the PeakO2 in this product as I really see my strength gains going up already and amazing pump! ,This is my favorite flavor yet! Can’t wait for this product to be available in Canada!

  5. RJ

    Awesome. I have started taking these in the morning and have noticed the extra energy quicker recovery time after I ride.

  6. Adam Castellano

    I’ve been through 3 tubs of green apple- and that was BEFORE I realized this was an EAA. I just thought it worked really well! I’ve got to applaud Granite’s efforts here- there’s no other company taking quite the same leaps as you are in regards to the nootropic innovations in fitness supplements. You guys are executing beautifully with the profile on this one, flavor is on point (I’ve had just about everything from SciVation to GetDiesel so I KNOW what it’s like to have to hide the taste) and the advertising is fresh, crisp and cool.
    It’s got the look, the feel, the taste, the results.

    Know what it DOESN’T have?
    That little quote lifted from the
    JM-AV-Jujimufu session about how you need EAAs to build muscle vs BCAAs.
    Take my advice and go shake this market up.

    ..And send me products to sample when it pays off..

    Seriously 10/10

  7. Dave Southwood

    I got my shipment containing EAA and the Pre Workout Arck Reactor. I have been working out for over thirty years and am in pretty good shape for a fifty-five year old male. I have taken almost every reputable supplement on the market. I have taken the Pre Workout 30 min before my Workout along with Tantric Red by Protein Factory which I consider a trustworthy company that makes the best protein on the market. I use BCAA’s during my workout and take my EAA’s after my workout through the day one after another ! The taste is great and the Arck Reactor is by far the best supplement I’ve taken to date. I can workout with a steady release of energy and my strength for some reason does not fall OFF!!!! I can get usually two extra reps at the end of my sets that were not there prior to this supplement! I have to make myself leave the gym because the strength and energy is still there! Amazing stuff the Mountain Dog is my new BFF!!!! And has my respect for a great product please don’t change the formula! And keep the Best Supplements on the Market today!!!!!!

  8. Alex

    Easily the best Amino Acid product on the market! Flavor is solid. Most noticeable changes for me have been better recovery and improved stamina while working out. Will not hesitate to purchase again

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